Naked Wife (Poem)

Men saw my naked body,

Posing nude was what I did when I was young,

Now my husband is the only one who sees my naked body,

I’m not young,

I now respect my body.


Posing nude is what I also did when I was depressed,

I don’t need to pose nude when I’m depressed anymore,

I just go to my husband when I’m depressed,

There’s no good enough reason for me to show my naked body to men anymore,

I’m no longer self-destructive when I get depressed.


I don’t think it’s right for a wife to show her naked body to other men,

My body belongs to myself and my husband,

Getting married means that a wife’s body shouldn’t be given or shown to other men,

After all, a wife shouldn’t hurt a husband,

A wife should put her husband first and not other men.


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