Interview (Poem)

The question was asked,

My mind wanted to go blank,

I didn’t know how to answer what was asked,

It makes me want to disappear when my mind goes blank,

Yes, it’s so stressful trying to answer what was asked.


Sometimes I can survived being analyzed by one person,

It depends on the job that I’m being interviewed for,

I want to run and hide when interviewed by more than one person,

It doesn’t matter what I’m being interviewed for,

Yes, whether I’m calm or not depends on whether I’m interviewed by one or more than one person.


Sometimes I get depressed after the interview is over,

Depressed at the thought of not  getting the job,

Depressed about thinking of everything that was said after it was over,

Depressed because of the stress that appears when trying to get the job,

Still in the end I’m finally able to relax after everything is over.

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