Positive Emotions (Poem)

I want to cry,

The tears aren’t coming out,

How do I make myself cry?

How do I make the tears come out?

I need to cry.


The negative emotions need to be let out,

I put on sad music,

The tears still aren’t let out,

I stop the music,

I turn to my love so he can help me with letting the tears out.


He hugs me tight and my body begins to feel the love,

He kisses my face and I feel more love,

My eyes begin to water with the love,

The tears don’t fall because of that beautiful love,

Instead the negative emotions are replaced with the powerful love.


I sigh and give thanks as the calmness takes over,

I give thanks for my wonderful love,

A wonderful love that makes the positive emotions take over,

So yes, at times all we need is love,

At times we need love from another or from ourselves to help the positive emotions take over.

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