Didn’t See Him (Poem)


From the moment we met I didn’t really see him,

My soul became scared,

Yet I did my best to convince myself that I loved him,

Even when being with him made me so sick because my soul was scared,

I was desperately clinging to him.


Yet the time came when I was forced to see him,

I could no longer pretend he was perfect,

I began to dislike him,

I stopped pretending that we were perfect,

My soul screamed to be freed of him.


I couldn’t break up with him,

I pushed him to break up with me,

I didn’t want to regret leaving him,

Eventually he left me,

I slowly stopped feeling sick because of him.


Now I look to the past,

I can’t remember his face,

It isn’t because he’s the past,

It’s because I didn’t truly see his face,

It’s because I wasn’t truly seeing anyone in the past.


That’s how I know that I didn’t truly love him,

That’s how I know how much I feared my past,

I feared him,

Still I learned so much from the past,

I learned that I am a better person because I met him.

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