We met,

I fell so quickly,

I couldn’t stop thinking about him since we met,

Yet it was also a love that ended so quickly,

It was a love that made me look like a fool from the moment we met.


He uttered beautiful words,

I convinced myself that he loved me,

I was too naive that I didn’t realize the truth behind the words,

I didn’t realize he was using those words to fool me,

I was just desperate for loving words.


He looked at me with eyes that I believed showed love,

I didn’t realize he was analyzing me just so he fool me,

It wasn’t love,

He was trying to figure out how to hurt me,

He wanted to use me.


Yes, he did use me,

He got what he wanted and left me,


Still I stopped being naive because he used me,

I grew up because he used me,

Most of all, I lost nothing because he left me.