Why did you have to say you love me?

How do you expect me to respond?

Why did you have to shock me?

Can you give me time to respond?

Please don’t beg me.


Don’t get mad at me for not loving you,

How do I tell you that I don’t love you?

I don’t want to hurt you,

I just can’t force myself to love you,

Deep inside I know I’m not for you.


Don’t turn cruel because I reject you,

Don’t say harsh things about me because I don’t love you,

Don’t become violent because I don’t love you,

Please learn how to accept that I don’t love you,

Please believe that someone out there will truly love you.


Please realize that forcing me to love you means you don’t truly love me,

You don’t hurt the one you truly love,

Please understand that rejecting you does hurt me,

Please let me choose who I want to love,

Most of all, please want the best for you and me.