Beautiful Words (Poem)

You were different when we first met,

You uttered beautiful words,

I fell so quickly when we first met,

Now you’re uttering hurtful words,

I’m slowly getting over the feeling I had when we first met.


I’m forgetting the beautiful words,

All I can hear are your hurtful words,

You’re killing the love I have with your words,

I’m so tired of your words,

I deserve beautiful words.


You are uttering beautiful words to someone else,

It’s breaking my heart that you are treating her better,

Yet part of me doesn’t care that you’re leaving me for someone else,

Part of me knows that I deserve better,

So go ahead leave me for someone else.


Let her be the fool that I used to be,

Let her fall for your lies,

I’m no longer who I used to be,

I no longer fall for lies,

I can now see you don’t deserve me.

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