American in America (Poem)

I was born in America,

Doesn’t that make me an American?

Ha that’s not America,

I’m considered a Mexican-American,

Yup, that’s America.



Race matters in America,

That’s why,

You aren’t labeled an American in America,


It seems like the government likes to divide us in America.


The government teaches us that we’re different,

We are all different even if we’re born in America,

Still there are times when it’s okay to be different,

We get to learn about accepting the different in America,

Yet, it isn’t always easy to accept the different.


Still we keep learning to accept each other even if we’re different,

Perhaps races fight or argue,

Yet the American past can show you that we slowly accepted the different,

Perhaps one day we won’t fight or argue,

Perhaps one day we’ll accept that we’re all different.

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