The love I had for you died a long time ago,

There’s no anger in my heart any more,

Perhaps it’s because you and I happened a long time ago,

Perhaps it’s because your memories don’t hurt me any more,

I’m thankful that I’m free of what happened a long time ago.


I’m not even angry at her any more,

It doesn’t hurt that you chose her,

She isn’t even worth it any more,

Now I’m glad that you chose her,

Especially since you aren’t worth it any more.


Ya’ll are living a sad life,

I don’t envy you two,

Perhaps in the past I wished you two a terrible life,

It’s because I felt so hurt by you two,

Now I look at life and say, “I no longer wish anyone a terrible life.”


You see, my love helped me let go of the hurt,

He brought in healing,

It’s because I’m no longer hurt,

That I wish others healing,

It’s because of his love that I don’t wish anyone a life of hurt.