Nightmare Disease (Poem)

My first time was gentle,

He made me believe that he was the one,

Turns out I was fooled because he was gentle,

Turns out he wasn’t the one,

I was naive for falling for him just because he was gentle.


The truth is, it became a nightmare,

My first lover gave me a disease,

I didn’t picture my first time being a nightmare,

I couldn’t believe I got a disease,

I was supposed to get a beautiful first time and not a nightmare.


Yet I could’ve said, “let’s use protection,”

He didn’t force me,

I made the choice not to use protection,

I hurt me,

In the end, I was left alone to pay the price for not using protection.


He dumped me and left me alone with the disease,

I cried to him,

He didn’t care that he gave me a disease,

Yes, in the end I saw the true him,

Too bad I couldn’t see until I got the disease.


Thankfully, it was a curable disease,

Yet now I know the truth of some men,

Some men won’t care if they give you a disease,

There are some cruel men,

So don’t be fooled by a gentle man because you don’t know who can carry a disease.

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