He put me down,

I still held on to him,

His words always had me down,

I was afraid to let go of him,

I kept giving him power the more I let him knock me down.


Why was I afraid to let go of him?

I thought I couldn’t survive without love,

What I didn’t realize then was that I could survive without him,

What I didn’t realize then was that I already had love,

It was a genuine love that I never got from him.


It was a love from me,

All I needed was to learn how to love me,

Sadly, loving him made me stop loving me,

Until one day life showed me that I needed to love me,

That’s when I saw how bad he was for me.


I stopped being afraid of letting go of him,

I started to love me more,

I took my love away from him,

That’s when I said, “I’m not letting any lover mistreat me anymore,”

That’s when I finally saw how beautiful life and love was without him.