Healed Heart (Poem)

I wanted to love,

I wanted to be loved,

I clung desperately to a one-sided love,

I stayed when I wasn’t loved,

I felt empty and lonely with a one-sided love.


I didn’t believe that one day I’ll be loved,

My heart was always hurting,

Taken and not loved,

That’s why my heart was hurting,

Even single my heart was hurting because I wanted to be loved.



Then one day I said, “I’ll stay single since my heart hurt even when I was taken,”

That’s when I slowly began to heal,

Over and over I kept hurting when I was taken,

That’s why I couldn’t ever really heal,

Now I give thanks that I took a break from being taken.


I found my true love when my heart was truly healed,

I love completely without pain,

We have a beautiful love because my heart was healed,

Still I learned from the pain,

I learned to give thanks to my love and for being healed.

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