Doing Fine (Poem)

How are you?

I’m doing fine,

I thought of you,

Hope you are doing fine,

I hope everything is working out for you.


Don’t be jealous if you aren’t doing fine,

Don’t wish me the worst because you are at your worst,

Believe that you too will be fine,

After all, I too have felt the worst,

Now I’m doing fine.


It’s so easy to hate someone for doing great,

Jealousy can quickly consume,

I too have asked, “When will I do great?”

I too have felt jealousy want to consume,

Yet not letting jealousy take over is what took me to great.


What do I mean?

I worked hard to have the best,

I didn’t sit and let the negativity take over is what I mean,

I worked hard and got the best,

So now I say, “Work for the best and don’t be mean.”

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