Dance Competition (Poem)

Hey you,

Dare to compete with me?

And you,

Let’s see who can beat me,

Let’s see if I can beat you.


Get ready because the floor will show us who is the best,

I was born to dance,

Let’s see who passes the test,

Who’ll be the champion in dance?

Let’s have fun and not cry if we fail the test.


After all, a true dancer won’t stop dancing even if others judge,

A true dancer will keep on moving if we don’t win first place,

We don’t listen to those who judge,

The voice of our soul when we dance is what comes in first place,

Still let’s have a judge.


Let the voting begin just for fun,

I need to feel the excitement of the competition,

This competition is making it fun,

So come on let’s start the competition,

Let me beat you while having fun.

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