Haunted Houses (Poem)

I can do this,

I’m scared,

Repeat, “I can do this,”

I’m really scared,

Okay, “Let’s do this.”


He went first into the scary place,

I said, “You go and check,”

“Is it a really scary place?”

“Did you check?”

“Okay, I’m going into the scary place.”


He held me,

We let others go in first,

He didn’t let go of me,

We waited for those who went first,

They looked and laugh at me.


A few seconds later I heard their screams,

I froze even as my mouth said, “I can do this,”

He tried to get me to move towards the direction of the screams,

My body said, “I’m not doing this,”


It was bye bye scary place as soon as I heard the screams.



Yes, haunted houses are scary!

I shake and freeze when I’m afraid,

I’m not ashamed to say, “It was so scary!”

I’m not ashamed to say, “I’ll cry when I’m afraid,”

Still it was a fun experience even though it was scary.

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