My Image (Poem)

My image doesn’t show past struggles,

You can’t see my life story by just looking at me,

Thus, I felt the jealousy of people who assumed I never had struggles,

It’s from the people who have done their best to hurt me,

Perhaps they felt it was unfair that I didn’t have struggles.


The truth is, being consumed by hatred destroys the soul,

Stop hating for your soul,

Playing the victim cages your soul,

Stop playing the victim for soul,

Find the inner peace that saves your soul.


Hence, it’s constantly trying to stop hating and constantly saving my soul is what changed my image,

The smile that you see comes from constantly trying to find inner peace,

I worked hard to change my image,

I worked hard to find my inner peace,

Still it’s your choice to dislike me or like me because of my image.


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