Psychics Future (Poem)

He was mistreating me,

There wasn’t another guy saying, “I can treat you better,”

I only attracted guys who wanted to mistreat me,

No guy believed that I deserved to be treated better,

They all ended up hurting me.


Thus, I went to psychics who read my future,

They kept saying that I’ll find a good man,

They said I’ll have  a better man in the future,

I went to church and prayed for the good man,

Still it was hard to believe that I’ll have a good man in the future.


Yet I never gave up even when I was being cheated on,

I never stayed with a man who mistreated me,

I kept moving on,

I kept searching for the one for me,

I kept searching even when I said, “I’m done.”


Now I’m married to the man who the psychics saw in my future,

I never heard “I’ll treat you better” from the past,

However, I did end up getting treated better in the future,

Now I say, “I’m so thankful that I didn’t give up on love because of the past,”

Now I see what the psychics saw in my future.

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