He has different views,

I have different views,

We can’t seem to let go of our views,

We feel so strongly about our views,

It might be the end for us because of our views.


Love doesn’t seem to be enough to keep us together,

Yet I’m not turning bitter,

I’m not angry at the world for the realization that we won’t always be together,

I don’t want love to turn me bitter,

I don’t want to be mean to others because we aren’t together.


I made the choice to love him,

I can’t hate anyone for my choice,

Yet I still love him,

I’m still making that choice,

Yet I’m also choosing my views instead of him.


He’s still choosing his views instead of me,

It isn’t about being stubborn,

It’s about having a view that’s stronger than the love he has for me,

So no we aren’t being stubborn,

We just realized our views made it clear that it wasn’t forever between him and me.