Painful Love (Poem)

You hold an invisible knife,

You can stab me and I’ll still bleed,

You have the power to kill me without a real knife,

It’s your actions and words that make me bleed,

That’s why you don’t need a real knife.


Your actions and words make me want to get a real knife,

They tempt me to leave this world,

Feeling like I can’t overcome being pierced by an invisible and real knife,

It’s just so hard to love in this world,

It’s so easy to end it all with a knife.


It would be so much easier if I left this world,

Perhaps you’ll find a woman who’ll be a better match for you,

I won’t be around to see you love another in this world,

I won’t have to experience the pain of living without you,

I’ll be in a peaceful world.


It would be a win and win situation,

Still I won’t take the win situation,

I’ll choose the losing situation,

I’ll choose the  harder situation,

I’ll choose the painful situation.


I’ll walk away and choose to live,

I’ll do it because I am that strong,

I’ll do it because I want to live,

I’ll live because I’ll pray to God to help me become strong,

I’ll do it because a painful love isn’t a damn good reason to choose not to live.

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