Sleeping Around (Poem)

Would I go back to sleeping around with random men if my husband left?

It’s so easy to get sex,

Yet I can’t say that I’ll know what I’ll do if he left,

Still I can’t say I want meaningless sex,

So instead I’ll turn to God if he left.


I’ll spend more times praying,

I’ll spend more time asking God for help,

I’ll overcome the pain by praying,

I’ll walk away from meaningless sex and seek help,

Pain can only be dealt with by praying.


You see I learned that meaningless sex never took away the pain,

I learned that I got healed because I kept on praying,

Meaningless sex only brought me scars and more pain,

Yet I know it might be years and years before I’m healed by praying,

After all, a love for a spouse is a different kind of pain.

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