Shame From A Cheater (Poem)

He says he loves her,

He says he loves me,

I say, “You don’t love her,”

I say, “You don’t love me,”

I say, “You can’t have me, but you can have her.”


I swore that I wouldn’t ever remain with a cheater,

My belief is stronger than the love for a cheater,

I won’t lower my value for  a cheater,

So I say, “She can stay with the cheater.”

I rather lift my head up while I say, “I’m so damn proud that I walked away from a cheater.”


She can go ahead and lower her head in shame,

She can stay with a disgusting man who might end up with a disease,

I won’t lower my head in shame,

I won’t stay with a cheater and  increase the chances of a disease,

A cheater isn’t worth the shame.

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