Cheater and the Fool (Poem)

I speak to you without knowing the truth,

I can sense that he’s cheating,

I know his denial of his cheating isn’t the truth,

I just don’t know that it’s you that is involved in the cheating,

I’m too blinded by you to see the truth.


You have no shame or guilt when you are around me,

I don’t see that you are both making me look like a fool,

Everyone knows the truth of what ya’ll doing to me,

They keep the secret and call me a fool,

I stay even when your friends and family keep on judging me.


I try to leave,

Yet you always beg me back,

It’s your “I love you” that causes me not to leave,

Still you keep disrespecting me every time I come back,

Thus, it’s only a matter of time before I finally decide to leave.

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