Fighting for My Future (Poem)

Knocked down from one direction,

Knocked down from another direction,

There isn’t a break in any direction,

Feeling the urge to yell and escape every hard direction,

Yet there isn’t any escape in any direction.


I can only face what is knocking me down,

Still there are times when all I want to do is sleep,

Sleep feels like the only escape from the people who keep knocking me down,

I don’t hear anyone in my sleep,

It feels like a procrastination or a waiting until I’m ready to face what knocks me down.


Yet I must keep going in all those directions because they’re on the way of my future,

I must face them even though I’m so damn tired of all of them,

I must face them because I want a better future,

Eventually I’ll be able to say, “I’m so damn glad I no longer have  to put up with them,”

I just have to keep fighting to get through for my wonderful future.

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