Running Away From You (Poem)

Panic hits and I run away from you,

I’m more afraid of you seeing me have a panic attack,

It shows that I don’t trust you,

I don’t trust you not to hurt me when I get a panic attack,

Scared to be judged by you.


I can’t live like this,

The panic attacks hits me every day,

It hits me more because I’m worrying about this,

Am I going to keep running away from you every day?

Are we going to continue like this?


Sorry but I have to listen to my health,

I can’t remain with you if I’m afraid of you,

You’re bad for my health,

It doesn’t matter whether I do or don’t love you,

All that matters is my health.


So I’m saying goodbye to us,

I’m saying hello to improving my health,

In the end, we’ll both see that this was the best for us,

In the end, I’ll just be grateful for better health,

Yet I won’t ever regret that we were once an us.

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