Pray for a Good Man (Poem)

I know the mistreatment of a man,

The harsh words of a man who is cheating,

I know the whore and hoe path taken because of a man,

A chosen path because you believe that all you’ll get is cheating,

A path that makes you hate each man.


I know the tears that fall when you pray to God to bring you a good man,

The tears that keep falling because the good man never arrives,

The jealousy you feel when you see a woman with a good man,

The desperation that you feel because the good man who’ll truly loves you never arrives,

A disappointment that does its best to convince you that perhaps there’s no good man.


Yet I also know that time is what would bring the good man,

My own love story is the proof,

Proof that God was waiting for the right time to send me a good man,

That’s why I’ll say, “One day you’ll have your own proof,”

That’s why I say, “Keep on praying for a good man even if you keep getting hurt by a bad man.”


Yes, one day you’ll experience a beautiful love,

So, don’t listen to “let’s end this life” because of constant heartache,

Don’t listen to “let’s give up on love,”

Let time heal that heartache,

Heal and keep on praying for your one true love.

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