Come on let’s take a picture,

Posing with my love,

Clicking and trying to take a perfect picture,

Wonderful to capture memories with my love,

Yet I admit that it isn’t always easy to take a picture.


He says, “Let’s ask someone to take a picture of us,”

I say, “No, I don’t like it,”

I admit I’m not comfortable posing and waiting for someone to take a picture of us,

Yet there are times when we encounter kind souls who take it,

It’s people who walk up to us and take picture of us.


I don’t say no,

Instead I say, “Thank you God for showing us kind people,”

It’s because of their kindness that I don’t say no,

After all, I don’t mind being uncomfortable if it means meeting kind people,

After all, it creates betters memories to accept kindness instead of saying no.