Kind Word (Poem)

There were words that I couldn’t say with other men,

The kind words were often stuck,

All I could say were harsh words towards men,

Harsh words weren’t ever stuck,

My worst came out with those men.


They too had a hard time uttering kind words,

They never hesitated to utter a harsh word,

Yet my soul begged for kind words,

Yet I was so afraid to ask for a kind word,

They always made me feel that they’ll become cruel if I asked for kind words.


Then my love entered my life,

Slowly the words stopped being stuck,

I started to cry less in my love life,

I felt myself become happier as I finally set free the kind words that always got stuck,

I now hear kind words in my love life.


I don’t have to beg my love for a kind word,

He gives the kind word without hesitation,

The true love we have for each other allows us to say a kind word,

It’s truly wonderful to be kind without hesitation,

After all, our love always deserves a kind word.

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