Do You Really Want To Stay In America (Poem)

They say they are afraid of being deported,

Yet they attack America,

Showing that they don’t really care about being deported,

Trump made it clear that he didn’t want criminal activity in America,

Thus, a better choice is to show you love America so you’ll be less likely to be deported.


They also walk around with a flag in America,

Yet it isn’t an American flag,

They wave another country’s flag in America,

Proving that they don’t consider the American flag their flag,

Thus, proving they put another country first than America.


A true American puts America first,

A true American doesn’t wave another country’s flag,

A true American puts the American people first,

They also don’t burn the American flag,

Thus, the question is, “Do you put America first?”


Would you choose America or another country?

Would you destroy America or protect America?

Which do you truly consider your country?

Do you really want to stay in America?

The answer is shown by how you treat America, this country.

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