Trapped Path (Poem)


I want to get away,

I dislike the feeling of being trapped,

They aren’t letting me get away,

It’s those with higher power that are keeping me trapped.


My voice was ignored,

They won and I’m now forced to be led by them,

They used pretty words to get me to accept that I was ignored,

Yet I know deep down that I don’t matter to any of them,

They have constantly proven I don’t matter as I keep getting ignored.


Still for now their path is my only option,

It’s a path that wants to keep my feet glued to the ground,

I desperately want to fight this option,

Yet all I can do is fight to get up as they knock me to the ground,

Yes, getting up is also an option.


Still I feel sad and frustrated,

Yet I’ll get up and follow their damn path,

I’ll follow and learn to stop being sad and frustrated,

I’ll follow until I find a way to be free of their path,

Yes, you can bet that one day I’ll definitely be free of those who made me sad and frustrated.

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