Actual Future (Poem)

I saw myself alone in the future,

My plan consisted of a life where I was alone,

There wasn’t a man in my future,

My constant breakups made me assume that I’ll always be alone,

I didn’t know then how wrong I was about the future.


I convinced myself that being alone was what I wanted,

I worked on letting go of the dream of ending up with someone,

Then he came along and proved to me that being alone wasn’t what I wanted,

He made me realize how much I wanted to be loved by someone,

He proved to me that marriage was actually what I wanted.


Still I learned that whether I’m happy or not depends on me,

I learned that it’s up to me to decide how I want to feel about an outcome,

Thus, I chose to learn how to be happy even though no one stood by me,

After all, I ended up having a better outcome,

So the question is, “What’s the point of remaining unhappy when I didn’t even know what was the actual future for me?”

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