Believe in the Angel (Poem)

The heartless blocked my path,

The heartless took me into the darkness,

Yet somehow the one with a heart helped me find a path,

The one with a heart became a hand that took me out of the darkness,

I was once again back on the smooth path.


Over and over I was proven there are angels in this world,

A human with a big heart who helps you when it gets hard,

An angel who isn’t from this world,

An angel sent from heaven when things gets hard,

It’s an angel who’ll help you have a smooth path.


Yet an angel can only be discovered when you want to see,

Allowing yourself to drown in negativity will blind you,

The positive will help you see,

You’ll see that there has always been an angel by you,

So come on, believe, and see.


Believe that the angel will take you out of the darkness,

Believe that the angel will shine brightly and help guide you,

Believe and let go of the darkness,

Believe the good in you will overcome the negative in you,

Most of all, believe that you aren’t meant to always remain in the darkness.

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