Follow the Rules (Poem)

Follow the rules if you want to be with me,

Take care of yourself,

Or say “bye bye” to me,

Don’t do any harm to yourself,

Watch what you put in your body or let go of me.


Work because there’s no way I’m going to support you,

I’m not your mother so get your ass to work,

Sorry, but I love you doesn’t mean “I’ll support you,”

So let’s both work,

Or find someone who wants an unemployed you.


Walk away from any woman who wants you,

I don’t need the stress of another woman,

Or I’ll let go of you,

There’s no way I’m fighting another woman,

So choose me if you want me to stay with you.


Remember, I’ll follow the same rules,

I’ll take care of my body for you and me,

Yes, I believe we should both follow the rules,

Yes, that even means not having you support me,

After all, it wouldn’t be fair if you were the only to follow the rules.


So don’t worry love,

I’ll tell every man “go to hell because I’m happily married,”

Still let’s not kid ourselves because of love,

We all have rules when it comes to being married,

There’s no “I’ll stay with you no matter what because of love.”