The Door of Journey (Poem)

There was joy when the journey began,

Obstacles couldn’t vanquish the joy,

Yet towards the end it became hard to feel the joy I felt when it all began,

It became about escaping the journey that once gave me joy,

It’s my desperation to escape that has now made it hard to feel the joy of when it began.


It’s my desperation  to escape that led me to close doors,

I tried to push my way out,

Yet it was so hard to open the closed doors,

Depression hit me because I couldn’t get out,

I almost gave up because of the closed doors.


Then one day the door began to open,

It was because I kept on fighting to get out,

It was because the door was meant to open,

The right time will get you out,

Now I’m saying goodbye to the old journey and heading to the new journey that is open.