Finally Graduated (Poem)

My graduation journey wasn’t easy,

The professors were sometimes obstacles,

No, getting a passing grade wasn’t easy,

Yet I fought to overcome those obstacles,

I argued with professors even though it wasn’t easy.


There were moments when sadness took over because of professors,

It was frustrating dealing with some professors,

There were moments when I thought I wasn’t going to pass because of the professors,

There were moments when it felt money was more important than the students with some professors,

Still I didn’t give up because of the professors.


I stayed up late because of assignments,

I worked and I went to school,

It wasn’t easy to juggle work and assignments,

Yet I didn’t give up on work and school,

I dealt with the stress and worked hard on work and assignments.


In the end, I became proud,

My graduation date finally arrived,

Working hard made me proud,

Working hard allowed me to see the graduation date that has arrived,

Now I stand and say “I finally graduated and I’m so damn proud!”


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