Age and Love (Poem)

Don’t let age stop you,

Go on and keep searching for your true love,

Settling isn’t good for you,

Age shouldn’t be the reason that you gave up in finding the right love,

Believe that your true love is also searching for you.


Don’t keep waking up to someone who makes you bitter,

Love should make you smile more,

Love shouldn’t make you more and more bitter,

So go on and don’t give up on the search for someone who makes you smile more,

Don’t keep making the wrong love and you bitter.


Yes, age can make some say “Why should I believe I’ll find true love when I never found it before?”

It’s that type of thinking that can make some settle,

They’re also the ones that keep increasing the heartache from before,

They’re the ones who never really let their hearts heal because they chose to settle,

They gave up on true love and let themselves get trapped in a loveless relationship because of what happened before.

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