When I’m Gone (Poem)

Sadness won’t appear when I’m gone,

His logical mind will help him move on,

My heart hurts as I think how quickly he can move on if I’m gone,

The words, “this isn’t fair,” replay as I think how I’ll feel if he moves on,

I think about how depression will hit me hard if he’s gone.


It makes me want to yank my own heart out,

Makes me want to become logical instead of an emotional woman,

Yet I can’t yank my heart out,

I’ll still be an emotional woman,

I’ll still be the woman who’ll love deeply because I can’t yank my heart out.


Yes, sometimes it’s so damn hard being a woman,

It’s so hard because it isn’t easy to love a man more,

Yet it’s the love that we women feel towards a man that turns us into a strong woman,

We women become stronger as we yearn for more,

That’s what happens when some women fall in love with a man.

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