Poor Again (Poem)

I struggled to earn money,

Now I’m constantly working,

I’m earning more and more money,

I can’t seem to rest from working,

My fear of going back to zero money makes me work hard for money.


I don’t want to be poor again,

It’s a terrible feeling when you don’t have money,

I don’t want to feel without hope again,

I rather get stressed for working hard because of the money,

I don’t want the depression of having no money again.


Yes, I complain because of my boss,

Yet I put up with them because of my fear,

Yes, I sometimes cry because of my boss,

Yet I rather cry because of the fear,

Still, I’ll always be thankful for my boss.


It’s my boss who hired me,

It’s my boss who gave me hope again,

Thus, I won’t ever forget how the boss helped me,

I won’t forget no matter how much I cry over and over again,

After all, I’m in a better place because my boss helped me.

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