Supervisor (Poem)

She holds my dream in her hands,

She demands too much of me,

My mind analyzes as it tries to figure out how to take my dream away from her hands,

She acts like she’s friends with me,

Yet how can we be friends if she has my dream in her hands?


We can’t be friends as long as she’s my supervisor,

I can’t let my guard down when I speak to her,

I don’t trust my supervisor,

I can’t be friends with her,

My dream is more important than being friends with a supervisor.


It’s her that makes me hate my job,

Another reason why I can’t be friends with her,

Her demands make me hate my job,

It isn’t that I hate her,

It’s just that she’s the main reason I get so stressed over my job.


Still there will come a day when I’ll walk away from her,

I’ll find another supervisor who’ll help me achieve my dream,

Someone who doesn’t demand too much like her,

Someone who I wouldn’t mind if they hold my dream,,

Yet for now I’ll keep doing my best to keep on smiling even when I get stressed because of the demands given by her.

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