Better Job (Poem)

Exhaustion caused me to get on my knees,

In a prayer I said “I’m so tired of this job,”

Hopelessness made me feel that all I could do was get on my knees,

All I could do was pray for a better job,

All I could was hope for strength while I was on my knees.


Yes, deep down I know a better job will come,

Yet waiting for that job is hard,

It becomes so hard as I become desperate for a better job to come,

Yes, I know I must learn how to patiently wait so it won’t be so hard,

Yet my body and my mind struggle as I pray each day for a better job to come.


Still I can see the power of the prayer,

I can see the current job become easier,

It’s like the hardships of the current job are removed with the prayer,

The prayer tries to make the waiting easier,

Thus, proving that a better job will arrive with the help of a prayer.

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