True Love (Poem)

Sought love,

Feared getting hurt,

There was no shield when choosing to love,

The wrong love will cause it to hurt,

The question is whether you choose to risk for love.


There were many times when I almost gave up on love,

Let the cruel lovers slowly destroy my hope,

They moved on with their new love,

I struggled to hope,

It felt so unfair that the lover easily found a new love.


He gave a bull shit love,

I gave a true love,

He didn’t get hurt because of love,

I got hurt because of love,

So who exactly was the winner in love?


At that time I felt like I was the loser in love,

I was so wrong,

I was the winner because I risked for love,

Bull shit love will only send you a love that is wrong,

I learned that true love is only found when you give true love.

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