Love Without A Child (Poem)

I’ll never give birth to a child that looks like him,

I’ll never have that experience with the man I love,

Sometimes it makes me sad to know I won’t have that experience with him,

Yet that doesn’t stop his love,

He still wants me to stay with him.


No, I didn’t ask for this health issue,

Yet somehow I was able to find a great man,

He makes it okay to have this issue,

That’s how I know I’m truly loved by this man,

He isn’t mean because of this health issue.


He makes it clear that we don’t need a child to be happy,

He makes it clear that our love is enough,

After all, some people have a child but aren’t happy,

It’s that proof that makes it clear only true love is enough,

True love is what can truly make us happy.


So yes it might be just us two until the end,

Yet what’s wrong with just us two?

Why do we have to choose to be unhappy just because it was us two until the end?

Why should we lie to ourselves and say without a child it means it isn’t true love?

Why not just be thankful that you found a true love that stays with you until the end?

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