Tell me why we aren’t meant to be?

Give me a good reason so I can accept,

I’m going psychotic because you’re saying we aren’t meant to be,

My heart can’t easily accept,

Please take back what you said to me.


I was able to live without you before I met you,

Then you entered and filled my brain with you,

I convinced myself I was meant for you,

You convinced me I was meant for you,

So please give a good reason to live without you.


Damn it stop,

I don’t want to hear what you have to say,

I feel my heart is about to stop,

I want a reason but don’t want to hear what you have to say,

I might go truly insane if you don’t stop.


Thinking back I now see I was crazy to fall for you,

How could I fall for a jerk who doesn’t care about my heart?

Now I’m crazy for begging you,

All because my brain has giving you my heart,

Thus, I must now pay the price for loving you.