Pay Back (Poem)

Illness hit me,

Debt became hard to pay back,

Unemployment made it harder for me,

The debt interest rose for not paying back,

For years the debt kept being chained to me.


Thousands of thousands that I couldn’t pay back,

Years and years of debt,

Then one day I found a job that helped me pay it back,

I married a man who slowly helped me pay back the debt,

I’m slowly cutting the chain that held me back.


From thirty thousand to ten thousand,

I never imagined that I could pay it back,

Yes, for now I’m saying goodbye to that thousand,

Deep down I know I’ll one day earn it back,

I’ll earn it back because I’ll work hard to get back that thousand.


No, I won’t take the easy or illegal way,

I’ll earn the money with hard work and determination,

I’ll earn it even when there’s sleepless night along the way,

I’ll earn it the right way because that’s my determination,

After all, I didn’t endure the hardships just to go the wrong way.

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