Interested In Her (Poem)

His tone changes as he speaks about her,

His gaze is different as he looks at her,

Hard to hide that he’s interested in her,

Hard to believe when he says he isn’t interested in her,

That’s why we’re arguing because of her.


He doesn’t need to get physical for it to hurt,

It hurts just by being interested in her,

It’s a disappointment in love that’s making it hurt,

It’s a disappointment because he’s interested in her,

I shouldn’t even be hurt.


I shouldn’t be hurt because I should be the only one he’s interested in,

He shouldn’t even notice another,

Why couldn’t I be the only one he’s interested in?

Why did he have get interested in another?

Why do some find it so hard to choose only one to be interested in?


So what am I supposed to do?

He isn’t being physical with her,

Is telling him to go the right thing to do?

Is it considered cheating if he’s interested in her?

Deep down I know I won’t be happy if I don’t tell him to go.

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