A drunken man,

Abusive to his wife,

Related to this man,

I was a child who saw this man be abusive to his wife,

He was one man of three that made me dislike a drunken man.


A relative who loved drugs,

A relative who acted like a fool because of drugs,

Hurting others because of drugs,

Giving up everything because of drugs,

Several relatives made me dislike people who did drugs.


Selfish relatives who made enemies because of drug dealings,

Bringing enemies and causing shootings,

A possible death didn’t stop the drug dealings,

Having to give up a home because of the enemies shootings,

Yes, I came to despise people who had drug dealings.


Thus, I believe in “you aren’t family if I say you aren’t family,”

I choose to cut anyone out of my life if I don’t approve of them,

I don’t care if you are family,

After all, their actions showed me life would be so much better without them,

Their actions showed me that it’s better to be alone than to be part of a toxic family.