Boss (Poem)

We put up with a job that we dislike,

We smile at the boss when we want to curse,

Yet at home we argue because of the job we dislike,

At home we curse,

At times a family ends because of a job we dislike.


We lose everything while still smiling at the boss,

Working so hard for money while pretending we’re okay,

Crying at home because of an ungrateful boss,

Yet we need money more even if the family life isn’t okay,

Thus, it can bring more hatred towards the boss.


A boss that keeps asking for more when we already gave up our family,

A boss that makes it harder to be happy in all our areas of life,

Hard to walk away from money and choose family,

It’s hard because love isn’t enough to survive in this life,

We don’t get food, shelter, clothes with only family.


Thus, in the end we choose our ungrateful boss,

In the end we cry because of a job we hate and a family we lost,

That’s why it can be a blessing when we actually find a grateful boss,

It’s a blessing when we don’t end up being a family that lost,

That’s why I say be thankful when you have a wonderful boss.

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