Eyes (Poem)

You have small eyes,

I have big eyes,

Oh no, husband where are your eyes?

My big eyes can’t find your small eyes,

Come closer and I might find your eyes.


Oh wait, I’m blind,

Perhaps I need better glasses,

Oh no, husband is also blind,

Good thing we look smart with glasses,

Well only certain glasses makes us look cool even when we’re blind.


Oh husband, I see your eyes with glasses,

Wait, your eyes still look small,

Where is the magnifying glasses?

Hey husband, do my eyes look small because your eyes are small?

Do my eyes look bigger with magnifying glasses?


Oh no husband, what should we do?

Big eyes and small eyes don’t match,

How did we end up saying I do?

I guess it’s our personalities that makes us a match?

Do you agree too?


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