I lie that I love you,

I don’t want to be alone,

I rather stay with you,

I feel I can’t be okay alone,

I fear being alone than being unhappy with you.


You lie that you love me,

You leave me alone,

You cheat on me,

I know you are with another while I’m alone,

Yet you don’t break up with me.


Time passes and you finally leave me for her,

I cry not because I love you,

I cry because I have to learn how to be okay alone since you left me for her,

Deep down I’m glad to be without you,

I was so disgusted for so long because you were cheating on me with her.


Time passes without you,

Turns out I’m okay being alone,

Turns out it isn’t so scary without you,

Turns out I also lied to myself when I said “I won’t be okay alone,”

Turns out I found happiness without you.