Goodbye Cousin (Poem)

He ran into my grandparents house,

The cops chased him,

The cops entered the house,

The family yelled at the cops to let go of him,

They handcuffed him and took him out of the house.


Years passed and the cops came into my house looking for him,

He had used our address even though he didn’t live here,

They treated us like criminals as they searched for him,

Yet not once did he apologize that the cops came here,

That was just so like him.


We saw each other at the store,

We pretended we didn’t know each other,

Yes, we were strangers at the store,

Even though we were related to each other,

Yet I didn’t mind that we didn’t speak at the store.


Yes, he lost my trust years ago,

He was someone I didn’t want to associate with,

He was someone who I would’ve cut out of my life years ago,

That was a decision that I was willing to live with,

No, I wouldn’t have been sad years ago.


Now there’s a sadness taking over,

His health only gives him a few more days,

My heart is breaking that his life is about to be over,

It’s going to break even after his final days,

Yet not once did he leave his bad path and start over.


He had so many chances to change his life,

Not once did he take the chance,

Now all I can do is hope that no other relative chooses that bad life,

Now all I can do is be sad over the fact that my cousin won’t ever get another chance,

Now I say “Goodbye cousin, I hope our grandma is there welcoming you in the heaven life.”

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