To Live or Die (Poem)

He was exhausted because of his health,

He said he wanted to die,

Yet he tried to get through his days even with bad health,

Never knowing that he was about to die,

He hit his head and that added to his current bad health.


He fought to remain alive in the hospital,

He didn’t want to die,

It was so clear in the hospital,

Even though he once said he wanted to die,

He was now wanting to be saved in the hospital.


Still the decision to live or die was given to his parent,

A parent that didn’t know what to do,

That can truly be hard for a parent,

What would you do?

What would you do if you were the parent?


To see your child suffer for years,

Or to say goodbye forever?

Either choice is something that you have to live with for years,

It’s a choice you’ll carry forever,

A choice that will be in your mind until your final years.


In this case, it’s a goodbye forever,

It’s goodbye even though he doesn’t want to die,

It’s a goodbye a parent made so he won’t suffer forever,

It’s a choice that a parent will cry over and over about until they meet again in the heaven life,

Yet eventually the parent’s death will keep them together forever.

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